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Use the By Party Name search to locate the Court docket sheet for a specific party name. The party name can be the name of an individual or organization. Show Open Cases Only. Use the Case List by Attorney search to locate all Court docket sheets for a specific attorney. You can search by either attorney bar number or attorney name. Bar Number:. Attorney Name:. The Michigan Supreme Court is providing the information on this site as a public service.

The information is updated frequently based upon the needs of our users. Although every effort is made to maintain accurate information on this site, the Michigan Supreme Court does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. No warranty of any kind, implied, express or statutory, including but not limited to the warranties of noninfringement of third-party rights, title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and freedom from computer virus, is given with respect to the contents of this site or links to other external resources. Use of this site is at your own risk, and the Michigan Supreme Court will not be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use of the information available on the site.

Courts of Appeal Opinions and Docket Information. There is a county by county listing of docket information, and Hardin County will soon have available an online records search of their electronic documents. The Supreme Court of Kentucky also offers electronic access to its opinions, rules, and oral arguments calendar. Circuit and District Court rules are also available on the Supreme Court's website.

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County by County docket information listing. Users have unlimited usage access to all of its online civil records. Baton Rouge City Court St.

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Maryland provides a remote dial-up access system in which most cases are searchable by party name or case number. Access is available for a fee. Complete case information is somewhat restricted and limited to docket information with some exceptions. Case files that contain the complete case information are not available through the database and are not readily available in electronic form. However, a pilot program in the Baltimore City Circuit Court are underway to explore this.

There are also electronic access terminals located in all courthouses, which are available for both the public and court officials to use. Committee on Access to Court Records.

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The Massachusetts Probate courts allow users to order copies of records online but not actually view them online. Supreme Court opinions and a listing of oral arguments, organized by month, are available on the Supreme Court's web site. Supreme Court. Currently, the Michigan Supreme Court's administrative orders as well as existing and proposed rule amendments are available online on the Michigan Courts web site. The web site will soon make available all Michigan court rules only select rules are presently available online.

Supreme Court Opinions are also available electronically. The Washtenaw County Trial Court has a searchable opinions database, administrative orders, and court docket information online. The Cyber Court was established in and has concurrent jurisdictions regarding business and commercial actions including relevant technological areas such as software and the Internet. The proposed court rules include: eFiling; giving testimony over the Internet or via videoconferencing; serving notice via e-mail; and making the Cyber Court's proceedings accessible to the public at large.

Michigan Court Rules and Orders. Supreme Court Opinions. Washtenaw County Trial Court. Court rules are available electronically, and the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals also have opinions and schedules online. Michael B. Fourth Judicial District Court. Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeal. The state Supreme Court also has links to all of its rules. Docket and Rules Information; P. General Docket Search.

Users are able to inquire on case records including docket entries, parties, judgements, and charges in public court. Only courts that have implemented the case management software as part of the Missouri Court Automation Project and only cases that have been deemed public under the Missouri Revised Statutes can be accessed through Case. The 16th Judicial Probate Court operates a separate web page although it also uses Case. All circuit, associate and appellate courts are planned to have a uniform justice information system by District Court rules are also available online.

Supreme Court Opinions, Briefs, and Orders. The Nebraska Supreme Court has rules and opinions available online as well as Trial Court Rules; but otherwise, no electronic access appears to be provided. Nevada Court Rules and Supreme Court opinions are available online. The Second Judicial District Court uses a free database system called CourtConnect to allow users to search case information on active cases or cases filed after January 1, The Eighth Judicial District Courts also allow users to search civil, criminal, family and probate records by entering the party name, case number, or attorney name.

Supreme Court Opinions and Court Rules. Eighth Judicial District Courts. Clark County District Case Inquiry. A link on the New Hampshire Supreme Court's web site allows users to search for general information about the Probate, District and Family courts.

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Users can also search for Superior Court and Supreme Court decisions with some exceptions. Court rules are also online. Thomas A. Edwards Sr. The state also has a searchable electronic civil motions calendar.

As of July 1, , the New Jersey Judiciary decided not to expand access to court records on the Internet due to budgetary constraints and concerns that putting court records on the Internet will violate privacy rights guaranteed through New Jersey statute. It is not known when the New Jersey Judiciary will make a final decision regarding electronic access to court records. However, court documents are available to the public via computer terminals at local courthouses.

Box Trenton, NJ New Jersey Judiciary Article Regarding electronic access. Electronic access to case information is provided without a fee. Addresses and phone numbers are not provided on the Internet. Internet access includes case management information on all New Mexico District and Magistrate Courts, except the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court, which requires a password to access its records. Court rules are also available online.

In April , the Commission on Public Access to Court Records was created for the specific task of examining the sometimes competing interests of privacy and open access relating to information in court case files. The findings and recommendations of the Commission will help to shape the Judiciary's policies regarding the availability of court records on the Internet. The Commission's findings are expected next spring. The Judiciary is expected to make more and more docket information and decisions available electronically over the next few years.

Courts initiative that provides docket information by Index Number and Party Name for the Supreme Court New York's trial level court of general jurisdiction in all 62 counties, selected decisions online, and a pilot electronic filing program in the New York County Commercial Division. North Carolina has an electronic calendar, which can be searched by county, court type, or last name of defendant. There is also a searchable database of Supreme Court Opinions online as well as Court rules.

The North Carolina Business Court allows users to search electronic records by entering either the case number or parties' names. Administrative Office of the Courts P. Box Raleigh, N. Supreme Court and Appellate Court Opinions. North Dakota provides a searchable database of Supreme Court decisions and docket information online. Supreme Court Docket Search. Columbus, OH Toll free: Fax: Main St. Geauga County Denise M. Kaminski Phone: , ext.

Hamilton County Administration Phone: Trumbell County Phone: Hamilton County, Probate Division. The Oklahoma State Courts Network offers users electronic access to an extensive database at no cost. Oklahoma State Courts Network. The state maintains a statewide court case management application known as Oregon Judicial Information Network. Internet access is permitted for all non-confidential defined by statute court cases. The First Judicial Court of Pennsylvania Philadelphia allows users to access docket information free of charge.

Bucks County Court of Common Pleas. Supreme Court opinions, orders and calendars are available online. Superior Court decisions, administrative and miscellaneous orders are available electronically also. Superior Court. The Judicial Automation Project will be implemented over the next five years and focuses on modernizing the state courts' operations and then opening up access to court records online. A few counties in South Carolina currently provide electronic access to some court information free of charge.

Charleston County Courts provide access to civil, criminal, and traffic cases as well as judgements, case reports and jury lists. Judicial Automation Project Information. South Dakota Supreme Court Opinions and calendar information is available online and in October live audio of hearings will be made available. There is no electronic access to circuit court records. Jill M. Supreme Court Opinions and Calendar. Tennessee Supreme Court and Appellate Court opinions and rules are available online. The Hamilton County Circuit Courts offer users access to its motion dockets online. The Tennessee state court web site also offers users access to real time appellate court dockets.

Many states have begun to allow all court fillings online. While outside the scope of this report, this is an important development that could accelerate the computerization of the court system in the near future bringing the benefits and consequences of greater efficiency and openness sooner. Hamilton County Motion Dockets. Nashville Criminal Court Clerk web site. Of the 14 Courts of Appeals, 11 have case and opinion search features, including the ability to view cases set for submission by date.

The Supreme Court has online case searches, opinion searches, and briefs that have been submitted electronically. These 12 courts also have notification features that allow users to sign up to receive information about changes to cases and notification when a court issues opinions. Planned revisions to their case management system will provide the ability for this court to offer information comparable to that offered by the 12 courts mentioned above. Individual appellate court web sites offer links to the Supreme Court's site for rules and procedures.

The individual appellate court sites observe the naming convention of court number. Each appellate court also provides docketing statement forms online.

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The Texas Judiciary's web site also has a brief description explaining their open records policy and subsequent committee decisions. The Texas Judiciary's web site links to each appellate court and many trial courts. The web site is updated to add trial court web sites as the information becomes available. Castro, Hale and Swisher District Court. Harris County Docket Inquiry. Tarrant County. Information on Open Records Policy and Committee decisions. Utah Court Information Xchange is a comprehensive database of district court case records. A usage contract is required in order to use the system.

The Committee to Study Public Access to Court Documents recently concluded that the state should work to narrow the disparity between records that are available in electronic and paper form. In the future, the committee would like to see no difference between the availability of records online and offline.

The committee recommended making available juvenile records on a case-by-case basis. The committee also recommended prohibiting or severely restricting access to the following record types: adoption and relinquishment; sterilization; grand jury proceedings; most juvenile proceedings; inquest proceedings; and mental health and mental retardation commitment proceedings.

The committee also recommended that judicial conduct proceedings, lawyer disciplinary proceedings and most criminal proceedings be partially restricted from public access. The committee also recommended restricting access to records that contain sensitive personal information such as medical information. A report by the Judiciary Technology Committee identified three areas of high priority for improving Vermont's technology.

The three development priorities are 1 electronic litigation; 2 accessible, user-friendly case and data access system; and 3 electronic tools for judges and staff. The Committee also recognized the need to implement new technology on a statewide level and to increase the public's access to most records via the Internet with some exceptions.

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Lee Suskin, Esq. Judiciary Technology Committee's Report. Users also have online access to Supreme Court calendars, rules, dockets, appeals granted, and opinions. The Court of Appeals of Virginia has calendar and docket information and opinions online. Steven L. Court of Appeals of Virginia. Under Washington statute Chapter 2.

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Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions and rules are available on the Washington Courts' web site as well as calendar information. Pierce County Superior Court allows users to search for case information and review calendar information. Pierce County Superior Court. West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals opinions, and docket and calendar information are available online free of charge.

High profile case information is also available. In Wisconsin, all unrestricted cases--excluding juvenile, mental, paternity, and adoption cases--are available on the Internet via Circuit Court Access. A table of pending cases is also available to the public. Box Madison, WI Phone: Circuit Court Access. Milwaukee Municipal Court Information System. Wisconsin Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. In Wyoming, the Teton County Clerk web site offers users free, electronic access to court records dating from to the present. The Wyoming Judicial Technology Task Force is currently working on improving public access and developing statewide standards.

Wyoming Judicial Technology Task Force. CDT would like to thank all of the state and local information officers who responded to our inquiries.

michigan court records criminal civil family public free Michigan court records criminal civil family public free
michigan court records criminal civil family public free Michigan court records criminal civil family public free
michigan court records criminal civil family public free Michigan court records criminal civil family public free
michigan court records criminal civil family public free Michigan court records criminal civil family public free
michigan court records criminal civil family public free Michigan court records criminal civil family public free

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