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Archived from the original on September 27, The Real Deal. The Morning News. April 22, Archived from the original on January 16, May 13, Archived from the original on March 28, Passport Land. Archived from the original on April 18, Getty Images. December 1, June 1, Retrieved January 19, Archived from the original on August 12, Retrieved August 2, Central Park. Manhattan , New York City. Waring Jr. Hal the Coyote Pale Male hawk Pattycake gorilla. Well, there were no rats under Giuliani and Bloomberg because they themselves were the rat kings.

How about making all buildings that pile up the garbage use rat repellent garbage bags. I saw them at Costco. Same sort of advice given that to get rid of rodents scatter cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil around an area. About two weeks ago, a rat ran into the lobby of my building. There is construction right across the street from the synagogue, where CPW coop is doing structural work on their building. On that side of the street, there are two tree pits with huge rat holes that have been there for years now. At 20 West 70th St, another facelife of a brownstone is generating additional rat activity and at 38 West 70th, a renovation is going on which has created three giant rat holes in their tree bed outside their door.

At night, every night, I see rats running between houses and the street. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday garbage is strewn all over the sidewalks from the rats opening up the garbage bags during the night before the pick up around 7AM.

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Keep and follow-up on the complaint number. City generally sends rat inspectors out during daytime hours to investigate complaints. When filing a report give as much specific details as possible so inspectors know where to look. If you have a block association get them involved. When filing a complaint give a contact telephone number so inspectors can perhaps contact and tell when they are going to be out in field.

This and try to be there when they do come out or someone who can point out exactly where rat problems are…. One of the gals who works in our office lives on UES and her block was infested with rats. She and others filed numerous complaints using above link, and block association president pushed hard as well.

City came out, saw what was going down, issued violations to certain buildings, then heavily baited. Problem was solved, well as much as a rat issue can be in NYC. There are trash bags piled on the sidewalk 24 x 7 at and West 90th. City and in particular Manhattan began losing war on rats when building incinerators were outlawed, and switch was made to plastic bags instead of metal cans.

To some extent this has worked, others not so much. Many of these five to six story apartment buildings and or even larger tenement or other multi-family just do not have places to hold the huge amounts of waste including food that residents generate. This or you see them darting down stairs that lead to basement areas or alleys again going after garbage.

Grab a bench seat just outside the 72nd st 1,2,3 subway stop south of 72nd around 9 pm. Within minutes you will hear a rustling in the low-lying vegetation behind you. Next, you will see an 8-inch long rat tail length not included come running under your feet toward a nearby piece of food garbage. Then a , and back into the greens. There are rats up and down the length of Broadway from about 72nd Street going north.

Some areas are more visibly infested than others, but never the less…. Was driving down Broadway late one night several years ago. In left lane going south preparing to make a turn and had to stop for red light. Subway is just underneath ground which provides harborage and source of food as well.

Then there is the huge number of restaurants, shops, and other places that sell food who put out trash nightly. Norway rats prefer to live near or close to sources of water as they do have to drink.

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Especially those of the larger buildings including along CPW. Check it out on Facebook. This is clearly a significant and serious problem, no question. There are various related reasons, some more solveable than others. But regarding the issue of overflowing trash cans on sidewalks…. Not to stick a big empty pizza box in a trash can etc? After decades of pleading with people to put their waste in trash cans, now you want them to carry it home or with them because the things are full?

How does that work? As things stand outside of BIDs where those men in blue suits empty trash bins, others are only collected once a day. This usually is during evening or overnight hours. Along CPW in particular is a major tourist destination, not to mention people going into and out of Central Park.

BB If trash cans are full and garbage is overflowing, yes I think folks can walk a block or two with their Starbucks cups or Joe and the Juice cup — and find an emptier trash receptacle. We do it, our kids are expected to do it. Not a hardship. A responsibility IMO and the least we can do for the neighborhood and environment. So what happens when the next trash container is full?

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Have walked from 82nd and CPW down past 63rd and every single waste container was full and or over flowing. New York Post City Limits. NEWS 76 comments permalink. Anonymous says:. May 22, at pm. May 23, at pm. Terry says:. Steve Reiness says:. Roger Bilco says:. Stuart says:. May 26, at pm. FrizzUWS says:. The Rafster says:.


Kaz says:. May 23, at am.

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