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Latest News. The state produces around , barrels of oil per month, with 23 million barrels of reserves through estimates. As of , the coal industry accounted for 2 percent of state employment. Coal is one of the state's primary natural resources, first discovered in the state in It leads the nation in coal production from underground mines, and has the nation's second largest reserves behind Wyoming.


West Virginia has an annual 13 million barrel coal-to-liquid fuel production capacity. It has an extensive network of railroads , and much of the coal is transported by rail. The railways were once one of the largest customers for coal to drive the steam locomotives , but these have been replaced by diesel locomotives. Coal is rarely used now for home heating. Most coal today is used by power plants to produce electricity , both in West Virginia, and in other eastern states. Google has invested in research exploration of the state's geothermal reserves.

It is home to one of the highest concentration of resin producers in the world. Forestry-based industries employ 15, West Virginians through major corporations such as Atlanta -based Georgia Pacific in Mount Hope , Seattle -based Weyerhauser in Heaters , North Carolina -based Coastal Lumber with several locations throughout the state, Virginia -based American Woodmark in Moorefield , and Pittsburgh -based Babcock Lumber Company with multiple locations throughout the state.

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In December , Ohio -based Macy's announced plans to construct a 1. Terradon Communications Group, located in Poca , is a leader in website design and development, with clients including Whirpool International. Farming is practiced throughout West Virginia, but in a form different from large extensive cash-crop agriculture elsewhere in the USA.

Family and single-owner operation worked On the other hand, only The rural poverty rate in West Virginia is This description of farming portrays an independent and self-sufficient base of small land owners, but also a significant amount of rural poverty. As can be expected in a rugged terrain, raising animals was far more important than growing vegetative crops. Income from animals exceeded income from plants by about 7 to 1, with much of the non-animal income derived from sales of fodder. The chief animals raised were cattle and chickens.

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In the ridge and valley area along the eastern border near Virginia 's Shenandoah Valley , subsidiary valleys are wide and there are some belts of rich soil which are extensively farmed. In , all of the top five counties by agricultural dollar value were located near the eastern Virginia border.

In traditional frontier agriculture there was much gathering of wild "greens" and other vegetation to supplement the diet. One area where this practice is still significant is the gathering of wild North American ginseng , often for the Asian market. Other wild greens, such as sour dock, lambs quarters, and wild leek or "ramps" are also still gathered by many for table use, although today more on the basis of avocation or keeping up traditions than out of necessity.

Along the western edges of the state the large rivers of the mid-continent erode a distance into the hills and it is here, in the west, that some dense pockets of heavy industry appear. In the Kanawha River Valley near Charleston and along the southern Ohio River Valley near Huntington chemicals predominate, attracted by a readily available labor force and access by barge carriers. Metallurgy, especially steel , has been predominant in the Northern Panhandle due to a spill-over effect from the traditional center of the US steel industry in Pittsburgh.

Due to the relative ruralness in West Virginia, the state isn't dominated by any major U. In fact, the only Big Four bank with any retail banking presence in the state is the retail banking division of JPMorgan Chase , and only in the Charleston area. Huntington Bancshares and WesBanco each also have a significant presence in several areas in West Virginia. The Appalachian Regional Commission was formed in to aide economic development in the Appalachian region, which was lagging far behind the rest of the nation on most economic indicators.

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  8. The Appalachian region currently defined by the Commission includes counties in 13 states, including all 55 counties in West Virginia, the only state whose entire territory is covered by the Appalachian Regional Commission. The Commission gives each county one of five possible economic designations—distressed, at-risk, transitional, competitive, or attainment—with "distressed" counties being the most economically endangered and "attainment" counties being the most economically prosperous.

    These designations are based primarily on three indicators—three-year average unemployment rate, market income per capita, and poverty rate. In , West Virginia had a three-year average unemployment rate of 5. In , West Virginia had a poverty rate of Fifteen counties in West Virginia were designated "distressed," and sixteen counties were designated "at-risk. McDowell County had West Virginia's highest poverty rating and the third highest in the entire Appalachian region , with From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Graffiti West Virginia. March 31, September 27, Accessed December 11, October November 18, November 24, West Virginia Department of Commerce. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

    March 25, Accessed April 11,

    Gabriel brothers and huntington wv location
    Gabriel brothers and huntington wv location
    Gabriel brothers and huntington wv location
    Gabriel brothers and huntington wv location
    Gabriel brothers and huntington wv location
    Gabriel brothers and huntington wv location
    Gabriel brothers and huntington wv location

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