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Mary W. The Mary W. Wells Memorial Diversity Award is presented in support of the Cooperative Extension System's emphasis on diversity and pluralism -- a national program to respond to the changing work force, population and Extension audience. Diversity is defined as differences among people with respect to age, class, ethnicity, gender, physical and mental abilities, race, sexual orientation, spiritual practice and other human differences.

Pluralism is defined as an organizational culture that incorporates mutual respect, acceptance, teamwork and productivity among people who are diverse in the dimensions of human differences listed above as diversity. The Environmental Education Award is presented for an outstanding program conducted by an individual or team who have been involved in educating families on issues concerning water quality, air quality, recycling, and natural resource conservation.

Early Childhood Child Care Training Award This award recognizes outstanding childcare professional training that addresses the needs of young children, birth to eight years of age. The Ohio Affiliate of NEAFCS is pleased to sponsor this award in the area of early child care education to recognize outstanding child care professional training that addresses the needs of young children, birth to eight years of age.

This award is in memory of Anita Pulay, an Ohio Extension Educator who recognized the positive outcomes of investing in children. Food safety is a major Extension program focus. As a leader in food safety education, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension wants to help recognize others who have innovative programs from which NEAFCS members can learn and enhance their food safety education programs.

The monetary award is to be used for professional development by the recipient or team to further develop their skills or to develop additional educational curriculum in the area of food safety. The use of technology as a learning tool will be an important criteria in the selection of this award recipient. Communications Awards Estabilished in to encourage excellence in communications. To encourage excellence in communications, the Communications Awards began in American Income Life Insurance Company began sponsorship for the Communications Awards in and increased sponsorship in In each of the eight Communications Awards categories, a first, second, and third place national winner is selected.

All national winners receive certificates of recognition. Monetary awards are presented to the first, second and third place national winners in each category. The communications programs shall have been conducted within the past two 2 years. Application may be submitted by an individual or a team. Three 3 different issues of an educational newsletter written for either a general or specific audience.

Newsletter may be for special educational effort or regular Extension program. Any method of printing may be used. Newsletter may be prepared for distribution through envelope mailing or as a self-mailer. Newsletter must be printed off - applications directing the judge to a website for a pdf file will be disqualified. Put on-line award application, program outline, and newsletters in three prong report folder with clear cover.

Formerly Written News - A press release or a special feature story or a personal column. Send a copy of the original as submitted to the newspaper or magazine, plus proof of publication. Do not send more than one article. Put on-line award application, program outline, and supplemental materials in three prong report folder with clear cover. Abstracts for journals not acceptable. An educational or a promotional feature from one 1 minute to 15 minutes in length. May be a regular broadcast, series of P. Submit on a recordable CD - DVD or cassette tape labeled with name, address, and counter number if feature is not at beginning of tape.

Indicate length of feature. Place in small cassette tape box for protection or CDRom case. Put on-line award application and program outline in three prong report folder with clear cover with the Radio Spot securely placed in a plastic sleeve with closed top or connected to the back page of the folder with adhesive strip. This prevents the Radio Spot from becoming lost from the application materials. An educational or promotional feature from one 1 minute to 30 minutes in length.

The Marketing Package Award is presented to Family and Consumer Sciences Educators for the development of an outstanding marketing package promoting a class, program or pertinent Family and Consumer Sciences issues. News Release — A special feature for newspaper promoting the effort. Send a copy of the original as submitted to the newspaper or magazine, along with proof of publication. A "hard copy" of electronically-transferred copy can be submitted. Radio Spot — A single spot announcement not more than 60 seconds in length. Submit on a cassette tape labeled with name address, and counter number if feature is not at beginning of tape.

Exhibit — Send a picture of the exhibit with a description of all components of the exhibit. Photograph — Send the original photograph not more than 8 x 10 inches in size. If the photograph appeared in newspaper or magazine, send it in as it appeared with proof of publication. Community Partnership Award Recognizes NEAFCS members for outstanding community partnership efforts in meeting the needs of families through collaboration with group, agencies and consumers.

As collaborative work is encouraged at all levels of Cooperative Extension, the Community Partnership Award recognizes NEAFCS members for outstanding community partnership efforts in meeting the needs of families through collaboration with group, agencies and consumers. Two awards given for the collaborative efforts of a NEAFCS member or team of NEAFCS members with one or more groups or agencies in an educational effort to plan, coordinate and implement programs that benefit families.

Housing education is a major emphasis of Extension programming. The monetary award is to be used by the recipient to further develop Extension housing programs. This recognition honors outstanding Extension System programming which enhances housing outreach to communities and special need families. Housing program areas that can be recognized include: universal design education, home buyer education, energy efficiency and weatherization education, home environmental quality education, equity protection education, housing public policy education, and special needs housing for the aging population, Native American, migrant workers and families with language barriers.

Brooke Jenkins is pursuing a doctoral degree in family studies from the University of Kentucky. Her research interest is relationships between social capital and rural economically challenged families and women. Health plays an integral role in quality of life, especially when there is a lack of it. This award will be used to pursue a Doctorate in Public Health Leadership from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, better equipping her to help Arkansans improve quality of life and wellbeing.

Advances in web-based technology for distance education must be implemented and embraced by Extension to continue to fulfill its mission. Her master's research paper will examine current use of technological tools in Extension program delivery, knowledge, beliefs and attitudes of Extension Educators about these tools and implementation in program delivery.

Her dissertation will examine child attachment and its correlates emphasizing in ethnic differences and the role of non-parental caregivers. Implications for parenting education, training, and policy will be derived. Her research will be relevant for Extension Educators. My goal is to contribute with my knowledge and experience to improve and transform the quality of life for our children, families, and country.

This award will be used to pursue a Doctoral Degree in Leadership and Policy Studies from Bowling Green State University to increase her ability and effectiveness as an Extension professional and community member. Her emphasis is Family Studies, with a minor in program evaluation.

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Her dissertation will examine the extent to which locus of control is influenced in limited resource women who participate in a home visitation, parent education program. Striving to provide programming that will support the increasing number of aging persons in Pennsylvania, Nancy has focused her educational efforts in health education concentrating in gerontology.

By joining these areas she will be better able to serve, not only her county and region, but all counties in Pennsylvania. The MCE mentoring plan was developed to partner new employees with tenured, experienced faculty. The Grace Frysinger Grant will provide Corridon, the first Mentoring Coordinator, with the opportunity to visit states with established mentoring programs and use that experience to develop, improve and expand the fledgling MCE Mentoring Program. This fellowship will be used to develop a curriculum for Master Clothing Volunteers and others to teach the use of post-consumer textiles and clothing to make high quality items.

Thrift shops or persons wanting to start businesses utilizing textile and clothing waste could use this curriculum. Pamela Kutara would like to improve her knowledge and skills in Extension program evaluation by traveling to Arizona to work with Dr. Sherry Betts at the University of Arizona. She would like to focus on studying methodologies to retrieve outcome data especially with culturally diverse, limited resource audiences.

What if University of Illinois Extension would adapt that model? Nann Armstrong proposes to study utilization of the TRCs as part of a proposed study leave exploring distance learning. To increase Extension outreach to southwest Idaho's growing Hispanic population Marilyn will participate in a Spanish language immersion program and meet with FCS educators and professionals in Costa Rica. Marilyn will complete a descriptive study of Latino financial practices. She will collaborate with local groups to expand Extension financial management programming for Hispanic families.

Cheri's focus on older adults and aging is evident in the number of state curriculum she has co-authored with family life team educators and her involvement in caregiver self-management programs. For the past 12 years Melinda has been working in her District to build community partnerships to meet educational needs and concerns of families through leadership and other program efforts. Darlene has taught Professor Popcorn Exploring MyPyramid to youth which has assisted them in making healthy food choices and being active.

Nancy Frecks' Extension career began in , teaching life skills to low income audiences through grant funded programs. In she began providing leadership and FCS programming in 4 counties. She does programming and materials development in the area of nutrition and food safety. Cheryl's work in community leadership development has helped several small towns launch community gardens, farmer's markets, food pantries, thrift stores and other projects to improve the lives of South Dakotans.

Maude Kelly's focus is on all aspects of human development programming. She has successfully networked with local agencies and organizations to provide quality educational programs that will help strengthen families. Burnett County, Wisconsin, need for food insecurity education developed into a Hunger Task Force which led to continuity and cohesiveness with direction from Marilyn Kooiker, Family Living Agent. Areas of impact include diabetes, healthy eating and exercise. In the eleven years Mary has worked in Grant County, she has built collaborations with the school district and has expanded her grants to serve the Hispanic and low-income populations.

The Caring for the Caregiver workshop is a daylong event to nurture, enhance skills and attitudes and enlighten of community resources for individuals in care-giving roles. Kim's special program emphases has been healthy lifestyle and nutrition. She shares her Extension compassion and leadership skills in programs designed for use statewide with both youth and adult audiences. Health programming has become the focus of Lisa Barlage's Extension career.

She works closely with local Ross County collaboratives to provide healthy programs and resources, especially to limited income families. Nancy Brooks has focused on program development and evaluation capacity building with Family Living colleagues. She has also included development of resources used by all program areas for evaluating outcomes. She has held District offices and two State offices during her tenure. Donna manages a county 4-H program of over 50 clubs with emphasis on developing leadership, citizenship, and communication skills.

Annually, she involves over youth in regional and state events. Over twenty years Debra has focused on providing quality programming and leadership to state-wide formally evaluated projects targeting disadvantaged families while increasing FCS program grants by over one million dollars.

With a strong commitment to helping others lead healthier lives, Wendi Green has provided quality educational programs to diverse audiences through Texas AgriLife Extension Service in Freestone and Cherokee Counties.

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Her focus has been to educate community members on nutrition and health related issues. Nationally she has served as Southern Region Director, on committees and as co-liaison for the Annual Session. Cooperative Extension saves the city thousands of dollars by teaching businesses and local residents basic recyling through a train the trainer program. Focusing on Financial Education Classes, Home-buying Seminars and Health and Safety Programming allows me to serve the county clientele proving a positive impact on our communities.

The Mental Healthiness and Aging Initiative is an educational and social marketing program created to increase knowledge of mental health issues and to reduce the stigma associated with these issues. Thelma Sanders-Hunter has worked in Cooperative Extension for 17 years. Her programs focus on Care-giving Education and working with incarcerated parents.

She serves as the Tennessee FCS program leader. The Superhand project for Brevard County fought against the spread of germs through handwashing efforts. Julie focused programming on rural health and wellness due to lacking health care services in the rural county she serves through innovative programs on nutrition, disease prevention and lifestyle changes. Cristin Sprenger has strived to provide families in her area with educational opportunities to improve their lives.

She is an enthusiastic team player and dedicated member of her profession. Patty has worked over 18 years with all types of Extension Programming. She works enthusiastically with volunteers, farmers, county officials, and community agencies to integrate Extension programs in her county. Since Lani Vasconcellos has been dedicated to developing programs, projects, and in-services that support co-workers in delivering effective educational experiences to a variety of Extension audiences. Lives were changed in Western Maryland through the efforts of this educator who focused on diabetes and chronic disease prevention.

In addition, she initiated a statewide FCS web-based evaluation system. The Distinguished Service Award is presented to Lynn James for her accomplishments in leadership, research, publications and educational impact with Penn State Extension, including the multi-award winning Family Fitness program. Leadership for family and consumer sciences involves the local, state and national levels. Areas of program excellence include child care education, diabetes education, literacy, volunteer development and 4H youth development.

Nancy's program focus is food safety and women's health. She is a ServSafe Instructor and teaches food safety to non-profit groups. Ann is recognized for developing and implementing new initiatives both locally and statewide. Extension Educator Robin L. Kuleck thrives on accepting and conquering challenges of providing family financial management education collaboratively with area agencies to residents in four rural northcentral Pennsylvania counties.

Carolyn Wissenbach is the Family Living Educator in Greene County, Pennsylvania presenting programs on food safety, nutrition, health and financial management. Kay Davis contributed significantly to chronic disease prevention and nutrition education programs in West Virginia focusing on diabetes, senior wellness, family cardiac education and food safety.

She has served in a variety of leadership positions in her state organization as well as extension center committees.

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Mary Reistetter Ehret, an Educator and Supervisor for Penn State Nutrition Links, recognizes the importance of professional development to remain current and effective when teaching research based information. She enlightens and excites nutrition education advisors to reach limited resourced families and older adults with the message of good nutrition. She has created numerous innovative programs, provided leadership in her community and state, most recently chairing the Children's Health Summit: Fighting Back Against Childhood Obesity statewide project.

As Associate Director and State Program Leader, Marilyn Corbin provides effective administrative leadership forming program partnerships leading to enhanced state and national funding for extension family and consumer science programs — especially for nutrition, health and youth development. Marilyn is a dedicated extension professional who strives for e Distinguished Service Award — Western Region.

Her focus has been to provide significant educational programs that improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. Education and research areas include nutrition, physical activity, and food safety, including Strong Women. Joey Peutz has spent her career working on behalf of youth and families. She has developed, taught, and evaluated nutrition and food safety programs for adults and children in Idaho.

She has also co-authored curricula in these areas. Joanne Roueche has been very successful in obtaining grant funding and creating new and innovative programs. Glenda Wentworth is a respected professional who has the confidence of her peers and of Colorado Extension Administrators. She is a leader, team player, and dedicated to strengthening her community. Mary Wilson's programming has addressed many community needs from providing healthcare professionals with researched-based, biased-free nutrition education materials to collaborating with health teachers to increase calcium in teens' diets.

In the past six years, teams with 5, participants in Walk Across Arizona walked 1,, miles and the Pima County Bone Builders' Program trained volunteers and delivered classes and fairs to reach over 58, people. She provides technical assistance and evaluation for 18 rural parent education projects, and oversees the Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program. Nutrition education, money management and workforce preparation for low-income families are the focus of Margaret's program. She utilizes a trainer-the-trainer program delivery model to extend researched-based programs throughou Continued Excellence Award — Central Region.

Peggy is highly aware of and sensitive to the needs and issues in her counties and responsive to those needs. Her strengths are providing nutrition education for all ages. Deb has contributed to professional development opportunities of others related to her specialization, nutrition and food safety, including journal articles, professional presentations, and a food preservation update for Extension professionals.

The professional development of teachers, health professionals and early childhood educators statewide has been enhanced through innovative programs and resources developed by Brenda Bell to address specific educational needs. Programming efforts are concentrated in the areas of food safety, child care, Medicare Part D, and nutrition. She has given leadership to FNP, her field education unit, and local affiliate.

Amy Griswold provides family life programs, focusing on issues of adult life and aging. She has authored educational materials and continues to provide training to families and aging network professionals. Vickie Hadley's commitment to providing financial management education and food handler certification to empower individuals and families to improve their lives characterizes her career in Purdue Extension. Carla has worked 27 years with Kansas Extension.

Programs have focused on foods, food safety and media including weekly Internet segments with Hays Daily News for the past two years. Joanne Pihlaja's career has been a combination of administrative leadership and FCS programming county-wide, regionally, and state-wide. Susan is a year veteran of Purdue Extension. She works closely with local schools teaching wellness programs.

She is a past state president and served on the national By-Laws committee. In addition to personal professional development, Patricia provided opportunity for leaders in Iowa and other states to participate in professional development experiences in Mexico to better assist new resident families. She is actively involved in professional improvement programs, the promotion of professional development of others and leadership. Kim Brantner engages in relevant professional development opportunities to keep abreast of research and educational information in her profession as well as to seek new cutting edge information for clientele.

Carol Ann is committed to participating in professional development offerings which strengthen her role as a food safety educator. She has targeted school-aged children and the elderly with nutrition education programs. Tawnya Crockett provides programs to improve the financial health of families in Mississippi.

She works with local and state partners to meet the needs of all age citizens. In , Amy taught the Personal Financial Management course for nearly 1, persons filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Sheila Fawbush is committed to professional development because she wants to share the latest research using innovative teaching techniques to help others learn information and skills to improve their lives. Betty Gottler develops citizenship, leadership and life-skills in Alabama youth.

She has worked more than 35 years across county, regional and state levels within Extension. Gail Hanula, Ph. From diabetes education to marriage education, from nutrition classes to sewing classes, Johanna provides a well-rounded foundation of research-based Extension programming to Hopkins County citizens. Throughout Celia's career she has partnered with organizations to teach principles of money management and nutrition. Janet's innovative programming and leadership has enabled her to work in partnership at the national, state, and local levels.

Her areas of expertise include Nutrition Education and Food Safety. Making a difference in lives is the goal of Arleen James. Dedication to excellence in programming in Nutrition and Family resiliency makes her a respected professional in her county. As the extension agent in Overton County Robbie has been intensively involved with radon awareness, breast cancer, food safety and teen pregnancy prevention. Committed to improving the lives of families, individuals, and Extension professionals through education and leadership, Linda Mock engages in relevant professional development opportunities to implement innovative and creative programming.

Susan has been a member for 28 years. She served as state president and is serving as Vice-President for Public Affairs. Jane Proctor believes that commitment to the pursuit of professional development opportunities requires both personal responsibility and dedication. She continues to strive for innovative thinking while contributing to our profession. She has represented Arkansas as a presenter at several national conferences. Nancy Grotevant, an Extension Educator for 20 years, has conducted programs addressing timely lifespan issues.

She's utilized professional development to enhance her skills as well as to effectively educate others. Miriam Leatherman celebrates 31 years in Extension education. In 31 year Nadine has procured almost 2,, in grants and awards including in the Water Quality Education Award, Distinguished Service and the Community Partnership Award. Jane K. Most recently, her program leadership focuses on financial literacy through the life cycle.

She is currently doing research on what influences consumer buying in rural Maine. Extension has been "career of choice" for Cassandra Corridon since she was 12 years old and after twenty- three years, still is! Youth and family programs are her first love. Nutrition, health and safety, her focus with thousands of working demonstrations - classes, fairs, trainings, creative handwashing methodologies, train the trainers. Mary Alice Gettings, a Nutrition and Food Safety Educator, is interested in nutrigenomics and the use of dietary supplements, along with diet, to treat and prevent disease.

She has also been integral in leading the food safety Plan of Work in Pennsylvania in the area of statewide evaluation. Sandra Parker Hall believes professional development collaborative partnerships are critical to meeting the needs of clientele and providing cutting edge programs. Sandra continually develops innovative educational programs.

Her works focuses on Professional development for child care providers and osteoporosis prevention. She continues to work to make life better in Pennsylvania. Diane continues to be proactive in developing very successful nationally recognized nutrition and literacy programs including Food, Culture and Reading; Food, Fun, and Reading; plus Growing Connections, a garden- enhanced nutrition education program.

Diane's varied programming efforts have improved the quality of life for Vermonters. Over 22 years, she served two state extension systems, earned a graduate d e g ree and progressed from entry level to management positions, and successfully adapted to changing work environments. Her future rests with mastery and application of web-based technology for extension education. Maria Young believes professional development collaborative partnerships are critical to meeting the needs of our clientele and providing cutting edge programs.

Maria continually develops innovative educational programs. During her career, she has focused on food safety and hand washing education, youth development and financial management education. Being better as a professional has resulted in helping staff to be better at what they do; this includes encouraging emerging leaders to see a future in our professional organization. The desire to promote and see positive progress in my community led me to Cooperative Extension 32 years ago, an opportunity to make change in others and myself, through education.

She is responsible for adult and 4-H programming and serves as county program director. Her main programming is in the nutrition and food safety areas. She is a well respected, professional educator. First Time Homebuyer education is taught through classes and an online First Time Homebuyer Education Course created by her and two extension colleagues.

Ann Diede, Extension Educator for 23 years, has conducted programsaddressing timely parenting and family issues, including special efforts to reach Latino families and women involved in agriculture. She focuses on the development of community collaboratives and the training of others to plan and deliver educational programs. Joanne Austin, Extension Educator for 22 years, has developed exemplary life skills and food safety programs. On an ongoing basis she utilizes professional development opportunities not only to enhance her skills, but to motivate and inspire her peers, staff, volunteers, and collaborators to more effectively educate others.

Brenda Bishop has been Quay County's Home Economist for 19 years, during which she has balanced a demanding traditional 4-H, a non-traditional 4-H and an active adult program including administering an After School Program for 11 years. Recently she has focused her efforts in Nutrition and Diabetes. Excellence in programming, professional development and leadership is best achieved thru collaborative partnerships utilizing creativity, diligent efforts and people centered approaches is the base philosophy of Peggy Powell's Extension career.

Theresa Allan is widely recognized as an excellent educator bringing expertise, creativity, and collaboration with multiple community partners to provide successful programs that have impacted a diverse clientele in Trousdale County. While maintaining these programs, she has participated in professional development and provided leadership at the state and national level.

Lynn also serves as County Extension Director. She is dedicated to the Maryland Cooperative Extension motto, educating people to help themselves. Creative programming, active committee involvement and collaboration with multiple community partners led to successful foods, nutrition and food safety programs that impacted diverse clientele in Berks County. Strickler maintained high quality educational programs while participating in professional development opportunities, international experiences and serving in state and national leadership roles.

Throughout her career with the Georgia Extension Service, Debbie Purvis has developed a variety of innovative programs in the areas of nutrition and food safety, as well as secured grant funding through community collaborations in reaching Georgia's growing Latino population in rural Colquitt County. Donna combines stellar extension programming with personal and professional growth. She is widely recognized as an excellent educator bringing expertise and creativity in an extensive teaching and outreach program.

Exemplary organizational skills allow her to maintain quality educational programming while providing leadership at a state and national level. Nancy demonstrates a passion for organizing people to reach their dreams. Facilitating the learning-reflection-action process, she creates collaborations that have established and sustained multiple community-based programs impacting families, community professionals, and policy makers.

Addressing key issues within the community via innovative programming, successful grant writing and building coalitions has lead to Donna's overall success in reaching and making an impact on the lives of families. Her leadership and involvement within professional organizations and community sustains her growth as a professional. Closing a roadway enables Kentuckians to take the lead in fighting a U. Three University of Illinois educators conducted financial training conferences and online courses addressing emerging issues.

Approximately educators used the resource materials to reach over , students. Living With Food Allergies addresses the issue of keeping people with food allergies safe. The program focuses on health, food safety and interpersonal communication issues. Over families enrolled in multi-district Head Start programs were impacted by Families Reading Every Day which focused on helping parents develop and maintain daily reading activities with their children. This project assists families and schools in New York State in working together and forming cooperative partnerships to ultimately increase student achievement.

Fit Families looks at obesity by addressing the interplay of factors contributing to teens and children becoming overweight: lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating patterns, and family systems. More than 2, Idaho residents gained an understanding of long term care options, costs and how to plan for a "later life" of health and dignity. Extension offers parenting and life-skills education throughout the county to meet "today's" family overwhelming mental, physical, social and economic issues. Camp Energize was a day camp developed to provide a positive, educational environment for underprivileged children, focusing on nutrition, health and fitness; giving youth the opportunity to expand their culinary skills, learn fun and exciting ways to become active, gain positive self esteem and become better leaders of the community.

Medicare introduced the biggest change in with the new Medicare D Prescription Drug plans. Since beginning as a new family and consumer science agent in , Melanie has hit the ground running with her programming in both rural and urban counties in Utah. Preschool teachers provide reinforcement lessons. Surveys indicate students taste new foods.

Parents also report changes. Amanda McDanel's contemporary programming in the areas of nutrition and wellness and child and family development delivers research based information in an experiential context-relevant manner. In one year alone, Sondra has made approximately 4, individual contacts teaching nutrition to youth, as well as providing more than 2, adults with necessary nutrition literature brought home by their children or distributed at site locations.

Laura Royer joined the Florida Extension Service in September , specializing in housing and financial management. A graduate from the University of Florida, she is working towards a master's degree in Financial Planning. Laura has developed successful programs in home-buying, financial management and consumer fraud for teens and adults.

She has also developed and successfully implemented programs that meet the needs of the people in her community by utilizing extension resources as well as by consulting with advisory board members. Her primary responsibilities include nutrition and health education programming. She strongly believes that opportunities in the community empower individuals to make positive lifestyle changes.

The nominee has served as the Family Living Agent in York County since October , with primary responsibilities in the adult program. The individual provides support to the 4-H Family Living program. Laura Stanton has made a positive impact on the lives of families in Butler County since she started working for Ohio State University Extension. People know who she is and respect her for the work she has done to improve the lives of youth and families in our community. Peggy has worked extensively in the development of parent education programs in Richland County, Wisconsin.

After assessing local needs, this agent strived to increase the availability of parenting resources and groups, involve older community members in supporting families, and promote access to quality child care. Melodie Lambert, a nutrition educator working with limited-resource individuals, personifies an exemplary Extension paraprofessional on a daily basis. Lambert routinely gives of her talents and expertise to both to her clientele and her co-workers. Through her work, limited-resource families greatly benefit from her creative teaching methods, leadership and compassion.

Kaye Stiltner demonstrates outstanding work in her position as a program assistant for the Smart Choices Nutrition Education Program.

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She is meeting the needs of her clients in five diverse counties through Super Pantry programs and making a positive impact on their food safety and nutrition habits. Terry Serio has worked as Extension Educator in Maryland for two years. She has reached over 2, low income and special students with programs encouraging economical food preparation, proper food storage and safety. She has developed programs with themes, special events, and experiential activities to ensure memorable and dynamic learning.

In Laurie provided nutrition education to low-income county residents. Clients showed significant improvement in nutrition practices, thawing and storing food properly, menu planning, shopping from a list, comparison-shopping and having enough food to eat throughout the month. She excels at networking with agencies that serve organized groups to maximize her time and extend her reach across the county. Etherlene's clients consistently make positive dietary changes. Etherlene's enthusiasm is an example to her coworkers.

Kimberly implements an effective teenage pregnancy prevention program and has promoted this program at the local, state and national level. Ruth Rens specializes in reaching youth from limited resource families. Creative methods abound as she makes nutrition come alive with taste testing unusual foods, variety in food preparation, and nutrition activities.

Sponsoring agent is Sandra Aamlid. Financial training conferences reached educators, benefiting approximately , students. While the matched savings is the centerpiece of an Individual Development Account IDA , the program has another critical component. This component is the eight hours mandatory money management training. This effort reached thousands of school children and parents NEAFCS National awards and hundreds of teachers with messages of learning to save early and talking in the home and classroom about managing money.

Two years after the Alliance for Financial Literacy was formed, a survey of Alliance Board members indicated a belief that by working together they were able to make a greater impact. The Master Money Mentor Training- Manual and PowerPoint presentation are designed to train professionals working with individuals requesting help with money management issues. Moola Venture Money Camp consists of a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on enhancing the budgeting, credit, investing, banking, comparison shopping and job interviewing skills of today's youth.

This will enable farm women to become better managers, and in turn, increase the viability of their farming operation. Wells Memorial Diversity Award. Pathway's improves the academic advancement of Latino child care providers, increases skills to deliver quality care, and improves early learning environments to help children be better prepared to enter school. Thaat ke gaat keel is the cooking school, Theresa Allan developed for the Sudanese mothers and children. Over Sudanese have been granted political asylum in Sumner County, Tennessee.

This training is especially designed for the food handler with participants receiving a certificate of completion for this six hour class. Half the residents are Hispanic. All families are very low-income. Adults used bikes as transportation to get to work. In addition Wonderful Outdoor World Camps were held. Over health professionals developed Spanish language and cultural competency through the Spanish Survival Seminars, Cultural Reality Workshop and other simulations. Over 3, families have benefited from the Latino Health Yellow Pages directory. Drawing upon this literature, the project team developed and implemented a six-unit curriculum, and many other resources, to build cultural competence among Extension educators.

A strategic plan was put in place to address this issue and a comprehensive, multi-faceted program has been implemented. Accomplishments include: a county Extension staff and Advisory Council that reflect the county population; research projects that focus specifically on minority audiences and the economic contributions they make to our county and access to land grant university resources by making our county office welcoming to all Lenawee County citizens.

The minority population in Buena Vista County exploded from to in the last decade. Extension has responded by working with minority leaders and families to establish priorities and has now become the go-to agency for program development, research, and practical solutions to better serve the needs of the new immigrants.

Many farm operators are approaching retirement age and have unique planning needs. Focus groups were held with New Jersey farm families to inform the development of an online retirement course. The quizzes provide scores and feedback to consumersand collect data for research about financial practices. Impacts of the childhood overweight prevention program, Healthy Weights for Healthy Kids, were measured by administering pre and post- tests to youth participants.

Results showed higher confidence, better attitudes and improved behaviors related to choosing healthy snacks, drinks and portion sizes, after the program. Families reported excessive communication difficulties and requested help in finding ways to work together to attain a healthier family diet. Results informed the development of two new intergenerational family nutrition education demonstration programs. Eating habit surveys completed at lessons 1 and 4 showed participants significantly increased their fruit and vegetable consumption.

Participant's Hemoglobin A1C, blood lipids, weight and blood pressure were measured pre, post and 3 months followup. Changes were significant and likely due to healthy lifestyles taught during the course. Observational studies and intent-to-change research conducted with elementary and middle-school students and during fairs will be highlighted.

Living Green. A Matter of Choice was taught to 2, individuals. The severe drought conditions in Georgia spurred a state-wide focus on water conservation. Every Drop Counts: Conserve Water at Home teaches indoor water conservation techniques everyone can adopt.

Extension Agents serving 19 Colorado counties collaboratively delivered radon education programs and encouraged residential radon testing. Field trips for local schools taught youth field observation, data collection and environmental stewardship. During this month-long campaign, sponsored by the Pike County Pennsylvania Tobacco Free Coalition, adults who smoked were encouraged to Take It Outside and protect children from secondhand smoke.

Community natural resource professionals partnered with MSU Extension to deliver diverse workshops teaching youth and their parents to appreciate natural resources that abound in Alger County. They educated School Nutrition Program employees who impact , children daily in 30 counties. The curriculum addressed IAQ pollutants, symptoms and methods of prevention. Educational outreach has been accomplished through the use of TV, radio, newspaper, and numerous public presentations. MSU Extension is working to meet the need for comprehensive, statewide training for Michigan's childcare providers.

Workshops were held for 15, providers resulting in increased behaviors related to high-quality childcare. A new five-session "Connecting with Families" curriculum provides Extension educators with the outline, research-based materials, and activities to strengthen early care and education professionals' relationships with families. Participants learn the art of creating a teachable moment from everyday behaviors they want to reinforce or diminish.

It stands at the center of preparing children for life. Creativity is extremely important while educating children who will become scientists, inventors, artists, musicians, innovators, problem solvers, and CEO's of the future. This training models activities for implementation of creativity skills. In order to improve the overall learning experience for childcare providers, Home Economists in east Mississippi launched a distance education program.

The weekly "Workshop by Mail" series included seven written lessons and a supporting video. Upon completion of lessons, video and written assignments participants received ten in-service hours. An understanding of temperament can assist caregivers in working more responsively and effectively with individual infants and toddlers in their care. Peddling Your Pickles Safely? Ready-to-go, interactive exhibits were developed to provide reliable, research-based consumer food safety information at health and county fairs, libraries, community centers, and other venues.

Participants indicated intent to follow advice. The "Amazing Adventures of Super Hand" is a collaborative effort between Extension, the health department and the school system in Brevard County, in response to Shigella outbreaks in schools. This program has successfully eliminated outbreaks and reduced other incidences relating to hand hygiene in Brevard County Schools.

Refrigerator Thermometer Program" Family Living Educators worked as a team to develop a refrigerator thermometer exhibit, adapt a skit and follow-up assessment that helped consumers increase their awareness to monitor temperatures to insure food is out of the temperature danger zone. A majority of the consumers increased their likelihood to check refrigerator temperatures. This interactive course emphasizes risky food handling practices and introduces emerging trends in food preparation.

The online course and numerous classes held statewide provide certified food managers with a choice of training options. To prepare lowincome teens for successful careers, a 5-week summer program focused on career options in the food industry. Students completed a certification course in food safety to increase employability. Field trips provided a chance to see food safety practices in action.

Over limited-income consumers participated in classes based on the "Thermy" and "Fight BAC" national food safety campaigns and received food thermometers. TM a curriculum for K-3, features an animated video and multi-disciplinary activities to teach food safety concepts.

Testing with children found significant improvement in knowledge of four food safety concepts in first and second graders and two of four concepts in kindergarteners and third graders. A six-hour program to educate prospective first-time home buyers on the home buying process, home care and maintenance techniques, and in assessing their financial readiness to purchase a house. Local Area Extension Agents entered into partnerships with national organizations provide training on lead safety using a unique video-conferencing delivery methos.

More than homeowners and contractors have been trained. The Madison County Home Energy Expo provided energy conservation education for county residents and the opportunity for local businesses and organizations to showcase their energy saving products and services. Charting Your Course to Home Ownership guides participants in selecting, negotiating and obtaining the best home and mortgage on their budget.

Basic financial management life skills are taught interactively. With Americans spending up to one-half of their income on housing and increased home foreclosures, first-time home buyer education stressing financial readiness has become more important than ever before. She provides home-ownership and money management education to families selected for the Habitat program.

In rural northwest Wisconsin, Kooiker has helped these low-income families become successful and responsible homeowners. Radon, a naturally occurring invisible radioactive gas, is the second-leading cause of lung cancer. It kills approximately 21, people each year. Educational programs include workshops, individual counseling and exhibits. Partnering with local banks, Extension assisted families in becoming homeowners since Extension and USDA Rural Development reached residents through workshops to inform families of assistance available to repair, purchase or buld a home and steps needed to qualify.

Since , over f Community Partnership Award. The court-mandated Guardianship training was developed by UNL Extension for court appointed guardians. It includes guardianship terms, responsibilities to the court and Ward, decision making and understanding financial responsibilities. Through collaborative efforts in a rural Tennessee county, a community partnership was formed to promote a healthy weight program focusing on achieving and maintaining a healthier weight and lifestyle.

A Tennessee Judge contacted the Extension Service asking help for juveniles going through the court system. Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital. Chippewas of Mnjikaning First Nation v. Tembec Industries Inc. Club Resorts Ltd. Van-Thang Nguyen v. Linda Jean, Chief of the Micmac Nation of Gespeg, in her own name and in the name of all the other members of her Band, et al. Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, et al. Melissa Gionet, et al. Minister of National Revenue, et al.

Braydon Investments Ltd. Drake International Inc. Genex Communications Inc. Neeraj Kumar v. Attorney General of Quebec v. Gerald Su Go a. Geraldo Su Go a. Gerald Sugo a. Gerald Su v. Victoria Social Club Ltd. Golden Flight Travel Ltd. Standing Buffalo Dakota First Nation, et al. James B.

Hawley, et al. Anette Sagen, et al. Anstar Enterprises Ltd. Nichols Gravel Limited, et al. City of Winnipeg v. Attorney General of Quebec. Western Forest Products Limited, et al. Helen Elizabeth Picketts. International Longshore and Warehouse Union of Canada, et al. Andrew Clifford Maracle a. Sir Andrew C. Miracle and Andrew Clifford Miracle v. Barbara Cunningham, et al. Zsuzsanna Holland nee Hegedus v. Shane Heath Brady, et al. Scarborough Hospital - Grace Division, et al.

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Angel Etches now known as Angel Sue Larkman , et al. British Columbia Teachers' Federation v. Robert Weidenfeld, et al. SHS Optical Ltd. College of Optometrists of Ontario. Catherine Cochrane v. RCI Environment Inc. Amnesty International Canada, et al. Chief of the Defence Staff for the Canadian Forces, et al. Charles D. Nova Scotia Barristers' Society. Norman Schwegel. Kelly formerly styled: Deborah J. Town of Wainwright, et al. Attorney General of Ontario v. Michael J. Margaret Horn, et al.

Peter Dobreff v. National Money Mart Company, et al. Lorraine Haddad, et al. Ghislaine Turcotte, et al. Yvan Niquette and Centre communautaire juridique de la Rive Sud, et al. Kevan Drady v. Joyce Attis, et al. Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada v. Native Child and Family Services of Toronto. Ben Borrel, et al. Brian Adams et al.

Bulletin of the Public Library of the City of Boston

Les Fermes Gervais Inc. Government of British Columbia Represented by the B. Public Service Agency. Cargill Limited, et al. Khadija Chazi, et al. Khadija Goumbarak, et al. Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd. Succession of the late Martin Brossard represented by Roger Brossard, its liquidator. TQS Inc. Leader Media Productions Ltd. Peter Christopher Burke, et al. Thomas Percy Tupper v. Toronto East General Hospital v.

Graham Construction and Engineering Ltd. Lydia Suserski, et al. William E. Nurse, L. Obstetrics and Gynecology. Bertrand et fils Chicoutimi - CSN v. Carol Boudreault, et al. Pierre Dupuis. Randolph Charles Gibbens. Wellington Place Apartments, et al. Municipality of Val-Morin. BCE Inc. Chief Dan Wilson, in his personal capacity and as representative of the Okanagan Indian Band and all other persons engaged in the cutting, damaging or destroying of Crown timber at Timber Sale Licence A v.

Robert H. Nelson Pauper v. Carol Skelton. Doyle Salewski Inc. PUC Distribution Inc. Brascan Energy Marketing Inc. Atlantic Inc. Consumers' Association of Canada, et al. Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, et al. Canadian Bar Association v. Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of Alberta. Serge Bell and Others the other applicants employees are listed in Schedule A v. Pension Plan for Employees of Sobeys Inc. Richard Rogers, et al.

High Meadow Holdings Ltd. Malachi Madore-Ogilvie by his litigation guardian, Stephanie Madore v. Canada Minister of Justice. Harvey Thien v. Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, et al. Deputy Minister of Revenue of Quebec, et al. Raymond, Chabot Inc. Caisse populaire Desjardins de Montmagny, et al. Stinson Hospitality Inc. Ed Mirvish Enterprises Limited, et al. Tercon Contractors Ltd. Infant Number , also known as D. Marie Marchand v.

Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation v. Royal Bank of Canada, in its capacity as administrative agent for certain lenders v. Linamar Holdings Inc. Associated Building Credits Ltd.

19-Year-Old Fights to Be Taken Off Sex Offender Registry

Finning International Inc. Sander Holdings Ltd. Glenn Hunt, in his capacity as executor for the Estate of Joan Britton v. Isolation Lamar Inc. Corporation Nortel Networks, et al. Morneau Sobeco Limited Partnership, in its capacity as pension plan administator of two pension plans sponsored by General Chemical Canada Ltd, a bankrupt, et al. Harbert Distressed Investment Fund, L. Adolph Horvath, et al. Attorney General of Canada on behalf of the Republic of Hungary, et al.

Soltron Realty Inc. City Sand and Gravel Limited, et al. James Ernest Millar v. Minister of National Revenue. Reddy Rajagopal Chavali, et al. Reddy Krishnaveni Chavali, et al. Bill Sauer, et al. Allison Purvis. Laura Ravndahl v. Matthew Miazga v. Estate of Dennis Kvello by his personal representative, Diane Kvello , et al.

Hutterian Brethren of Wilson Colony, et al. Criminal Lawyers' Association. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local , et al. Apotex Inc. Pfizer Canada Inc. John Graham, also known as John Boy Patton v. Union des routiers, brasseries, liqueurs douces et ouvriers de diverses industries, local Teamsters , et al. British Columbia Transmission Corporation, et al. Halifax Regional Municipality, et al. Canadian National Railway Company, et al. Neila Catherine MacQueen, et al. Craig Melanson, et al. Roger Holland v. Department of Justice for Canada, et al.

Summit Air Charters Ltd. Workers' Compensation Board v. Global Distribution Inc. Bank of Nova Scotia doing business as the Scotiabank and the said Scotiabank, et al. Malkiat Singh a. Mitta Singh a. Malkiat Singh Bhandol, et al. Municipal Corporation of the City of Windsor v. Marco aka Bruce Dimarco v. Minister of Justice, et al. Jason Waechter v.

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