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All the people looking to buy a property can search your property listing website to find the property of their interest. Events portal events web Directories are typical directories that focus on events. They have events listings by different locations posted under different categories. An events directory website can be an event portal with events under multiple categories like sports events, medical events, dance events, music events, etc. A front-end web directory submission system is a must in such an events portal because it lets the different event organizers or hosts post their events.

Read: H ow to create an events directory website with WordPress? A job board directory website is, in fact, an online employment exchange. Here, the companies and employers will post listings for their jobs while the job seekers come to find vacancies.

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Just like any other directory website, a Job board directory listing website has job listings posted under various categories. Also, it too includes a fully functional front end submission system where the employers can pay and post their job listings. However, you can even allow free job posting. This type of directory typically targets a certain location. For instance, you can create a food directory listing website for your city.

City Directory as the name suggests is a city guide website. A city directory website is a website that can cover multiple directory niches for a certain city. The city directory website is a city portal where all the useful places, business, and contacts of the city are listed. A city directory website preferably should be location aware directory websites. It helps the people of the city find the places and businesses of their interest.

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A city directory listing website should have an efficient and easy to use front-end submission system and an ability to create custom fields and use them for different types of listings for a city directory. A classifieds directory website for listing different classifieds products can also be a very profitable directory niche. A classifieds directory website needs to have a fail-safe front end submission system. So the visitors can upload their classifieds listings on your website.

However, whether you want the submissions on your classifieds listing directory website to be free or paid, you can decide for yourself. Generally, paid classified submission systems only work when your website dominates the market and has considerable traffic. Also, a classifieds directory displays different categories. So be very careful while creating categories for your directory listings. While classifieds are generally multipurpose websites, they can be subject specific like an auto classifieds website, a book classifieds website, etc.

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As the name suggests, this online directory niche is all about travel and locations. However, there can be a number of travel directories. A travel directory may or may not have a front end submission system. A map based directory template is a pre-requisite for a travel directory.

Checking the position of the site in search engines is needed for all self-respecting site owners. At a minimum, this is necessary so that customers can find out the real results of your work before you place your order. You also need this data to clearly understand which direction to go next, and what you can refuse.


Everyone knows that the first positions on certain requests and with normal traffic are the main criterion for the well-being of website promotion on search queries. Using online rank tracker , you can quickly monitor your positions, which will provide an analysis of the most valuable keywords. If you want to always know how your site works and what you have already achieved, then determine for yourself a couple of dozen of the most important queries and follow their progress in the search engines.

Article directory website is a directory website of useful articles.

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This can be a website with a front-end submission system where the visitors can post their articles under a relevant category. The article submission portal can be for content marketing, knowledge base, or a paid publishing platform. You can create a membership-based article directory website where a visitor is only granted access if he signs up for the membership. You can use this article directory template that you can use to create an article directory website.

The yellow pages directory can contain all types of listings. Locations, hotels, schools, clinics, parks, museums, business listings, and even a job board. Therefore a yellow pages website is a combination of all the directories. A yellow pages directory website is comparatively very difficult to manage as it can contain lots and lot of listings. It usually comes with a front-end listing submission system. A business directory website, as the name suggests, is a directory with different business listings. Note: By submitting this form, you agree to Third Door Media's terms. We respect your privacy.

Most business owners do not spend enough time considering their business category names. Categories are used by internet yellow pages directories and local search engines to classify types of businesses. When consumers are not looking up a particular company by name, they first seek out businesses by type. The value proposition of categorizing your business properly ought to be obvious, but for many it is not.

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Printed yellow pages directories first popularized the notion of categorizing businesses. Reuben H. Donnelly was probably the first to thoroughly categorize business listings by their services and product types in The ease of selecting from a list of similar types of businesses resonated with consumers, and the long history of YP directory usage from then to now really solidified into a consumer behavioral norm. As print yellow pages evolved into their internet yellow page IYP counterparts, business categories migrated over to online directories as well.

How To Add A Business To Yellow Pages For Free

Google maps and other local search engines have changed user behavior as well, primarily through encouraging keyword searches instead of browsing through hierarchical category lists of businesses. However, the keywords that online consumers type in are frequently business category names. Because searches by category persist, both IYPs and local search engines seek to formally categorize businesses, and they tend to give category associations a bit higher relevancy weighting in search result rankings than mere keyword associations. Keywords may be associated with particular business subcategories, and subcategories may roll up under broader category families.

Business listings from other sources may be categorized, yet the source classification system may not be a one-to-one match for the directory absorbing them, further requiring them to be mapped to another taxonomy during processing to be listed. The result of all this is that within many online directories, some businesses may not be assigned a category, or they may be miscategorized, or they may just be assigned to one broad category.

For each category where a company is listed there are additional chances that interested consumers will discover the business and come to them for products and services. In fact, there are a lot more possible categories that florists might appear under. Google Places offers florist, dried flower shop, artificial plant supplier, silk plant shop, and wholesale florist.

Many businesses are in the same situation as the Palomino, and the lack of fine-tuning of their category options represents a considerable degree of lost opportunity. Miscategorization is also a chronic problem among business directories. Miscategorizing of businesses also happens when directory listings get collapsed down in processing.

internet yellow pages business opportunity website Internet yellow pages business opportunity website
internet yellow pages business opportunity website Internet yellow pages business opportunity website
internet yellow pages business opportunity website Internet yellow pages business opportunity website
internet yellow pages business opportunity website Internet yellow pages business opportunity website
internet yellow pages business opportunity website Internet yellow pages business opportunity website

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