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1971 Buick GSX with Stage-1 Performance Pack

It may be that the guy you bond with at the taco truck may have the killer leads on the good stuff in your local neighborhood. By John Pearley Huffman July 4, Muscle Cars. What is a muscle car, anyway? Don't forget to sign up. What To Look For Manage your expectations. At between 52 and 44 years old, muscle cars are antiques. Most of the people who designed and built them are dead. And even if you find a perfect one, it will drive like a year-old car and not like a new Ford Focus.

Keep your expectations in line.

Nothing says 'Murica like 'Murican metal.

Rust is death. Seek out alternatives. Don't expect to get rich off this. Sticking the money in a savings account would have guaranteed a return and never leaked oil, required insurance or took up space in a climate-controlled garage.

Modern Muscle Cars

Muscle cars in the early 21st century are fully valued. Buy what you want, not what someone else says you should. Have fun. Be honest with yourself.

Muscle memory

Know what you want to do with the car. Think twice, it's alright. But while Chevelles, particularly the SS models, are expensive, Montes are relatively cheap. Studebaker even offered a supercharged Super Lark that made around horsepower, but no one knows how many were actually built. Just one example is a known quantity. The car companies sought bragging rights for whose cars were fastest and often made batches of cars specifically for racing.

How do you make a car go fast down a quarter mile? Take the smallest car you sell and shoehorn in the biggest motor you can. Dodge Dart, meet the Hemi. It was a match made in a mad scientist's dream and Chrysler actually sold these cars. Bare-bones Darts were shipped to a local Hurst shop missing anything that added weight.

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Seats, radios, carpeting? Who needs 'em? Some body parts were replaced with fiberglass and some panels were acid dipped.

The finished cars were often raced in Super Stock drag racing where they turned in ETs in the 9s. The Mustang is available in so many combinations and setups it is difficult to name just one variant for this list. And Ford gave a lot of cool names to their stuff. What is that you say? How about a 4. Functional Ram Air fed the power plant, in the days before the Feds clamped down on cold air intakes. Maybe or so of these prowled the streets back in the day.

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If you didn't get your driver's license while piloting an AMC Gremlin, you might not harbor the dark feelings many of us have when we hear "American Motors. A CI engine pushed the Rebel Machine down a quarter mile in the 14s, but with mods a skilled weekender might apply, car magazines of the time said it could get into the 12s.

But, like pretty much everything else sold by AMC at the time, its looks were not its best suit.

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Even dressed up in red, white and blue for the upcoming Bicentennial. Chevrolet also put a car on the road with an oversized engine in an undersized car. The Chevrolet Camaro was a smash hit from Chevy and was available in a variety of packages with several engine options. When GM said it would not sell the car with its biggest engines, some dealers complained.

The Pony Cars - Classic American Muscle Cars

And at least one dealer ordered some Camaros with the ZL-1 aluminum block The Super Duty was the result. The base was a Catalina, powered by a CI engine. And the outside of the car looked pretty much stock. Highlights of this generation included four-wheel disc brakes, a big block 6.

Before the third generation Corvette debuted in , Chevy offered its L88 V8 for the C2, which was rated at hp. New power measurements and adaptation of low-lead fuel sources reduced power ratings for the C3. In , Chevrolet introduced the controversially styled C4 with new interior technology and a straight-edged exterior.

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The larger, rounder C5 offered industry-leading drag coefficients, near weight distribution, stability control, and reduced weight. Though some view the C5 as the ugliest of Corvette generations, it was a big leap in performance. The highlight of the C6 generation Corvette produced from was the Z06 model.


The current seventh-generation Corvette is an angular beast with up to hp on tap and a manual transmission still on offer. Idealized as a modern day Cobra, the Viper used a Lamborghini-developed V10 engine, rear-drive platform, and nothing in the way of traction or stability control. Designed with little in the way of luxury, early Vipers lacked air conditioning, ABS, exterior door handles, glass windows, and airbags. Some view these first generation cars as death traps — others see them as purist sports cars.

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Using the same 8. In , the third generation Viper SRT took on a more chiseled look and bumped output to hp. The final Viper generation at least for now bowed in Thoroughly more modern and accommodating than its predecessors, the new SRT Viper cranked out hp from an 8. Stability control was added to keep the vehicle manageable, but nothing could be done about sliding sales. Ultimately, Dodge ended production of the Viper in The most ludicrous version of the now-dead Viper was the ACR model, which featured a stripped down cabin and massive bits of fixed aerodynamics.

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